About Us

Several years back before 2013 my wife and I were hooked on a show called Sons of Anarchy.  It was on air when my son was born and yes, we did name him Jaxon (Jax Teller was the main character of the show).  Sometime after that my Mom bought me this little figure (which she still refers to pops as dolls) of Jax Teller because she saw it one day at a store and thought about my son.  I had seen these figures before but never really paid attention to them.  I opened Jax and threw the box away and placed it on my mantle under my TV.  A few years later my daughter was born and I thought I should get one of these that reminds me of my daughter.  I ordered a Wonder Woman pop and waited a few days for its arrival.  Once it came in I opened it and was surprised to see it was different from the one I had ordered. Mildly upset I called Gamestop and they shipped me another.  I called my wife and told her it was the wrong one and had a sticker that said chase on it.  She said is that like a special one or something?  I had no idea so I did some research and found out what a chase is.  It also led me to discover the Pop Price Guide site where you can track and value your collection.  When I looked up the Wonder Woman pop and saw a $35 value I was like wow, I wonder if my Jax Teller is worth anything, and boom, $65, what are these things? Lets just say like many of us I was hooked and over the next few years my collection grew from 2 to well over 1k.  I decided to create an Instagram page to showcase my collection and DMNpops619 was born!

So here I am today with this new website to share parts of my collection with you. As the business grows I hope to offer many new pre order items and even expand to other lines down the road.  Thank you in advance for you support!