All pop boxes listed on site will be in our opinion an 8/10 or higher with a majority of them being 9-9.5.  If any item is rated lower it will have pictures of all sides to show damages and  those damages will be noted in the description.  An older pop with similar damage to a newer pop will be graded higher to account for its age and rarity.  We will do our best to inspect the pop itself for flaws but most imperfections are from the manufacturer and are out of our control.  Any observed issues will be noted in the description.  

10- Mint, No Flaws

9-9.5- Very minor flaw, tiny crease, dent, mark, wrinkle, etc.

8-8.5- one or more minor flaws, crease, mark, dent, wrinkle, etc

7-7.5 Shows some wear that may include an easily visible crease, window dent, tear, scratch, mark, etc

6-6-5 Shows significant wear, crease, dent, mark, scratches, etc.

Under 6 will say recommended for out of Box collector.

Contact us direct with any additional questions at dmnpops@gmail.com.